Removing Scale

Work smarter not harder. After forging a complicated shape it can be difficult to get the scale out of all the nooks and crannies. A tumbler or vibratory tumbler will remove all the scale and polish the piece at the same time. Steel shot lasts longer than wire brushes, butcher block brushes or sand paper.
I put a little water a drop of Dawn soap, a spoonful of baking soda and some walnut media to keep the dust down and cut down on future rusting.
I bought the steel shot off of Ebay for roughly $13.00 per pound. I use about 6lbs in my tumbler. What I wish I would have done was gone to Tractor Supply or Harbor Freight and bought stainless nuts and bolts for ~$5.00 per pound. Course thread bolts are super aggressive at removing scale I typically like fine thread.

-Safety Notice- Don’t get coated bolts, chrome coated bolts and or zinc coated bolts. You don’t want that dust in your shop!
Leaf hook before mounting holes.
Finished Hook

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