Finish.,,ed?.. Maybe?

The first thing you should tell a client is that any coating will have to be reapplied. Unless they want it to rust they’ll get a max of 6 years (probably closer to 2 years) outside and inside it will depend on traffic.
Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze is an excellent indoor/outdoor coating. This is my “go to” coating for several reasons. I expect to get around 4 years of moderate exposure before reapply. (For heavy exposure I spray with a synthetic car wax) Reapply is simple; sand and spray. It’s readily available and its toxicity is tolerable and “IT DOESN’T STREAK!” Maybe I should have put that first. You really have to work hard to get it to drip.

-Safety note- Krylon is not food safe. Don’t use it for anything that
could possibly be used for food service.

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